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    Essential Knowledge Immersions for SBOs

    Our Workshops follow a unique methodology based on learning with models, this allows you to quickly implement the knowledge in your company.

    Live Workshops

    Whether you’re toying with a great business idea, wondering if you should take action, or if you’re already in the game, making sales and turning profits, learning the numbers behind your business is the key to drastically increasing your chances of sustaining success.


    Join us for one of the live virtual Alpha Recoding workshops to gain a solid grasp on accounting and finance 101 in plain English.


    But beware, these workshops are known to give entrepreneurs and small business owners not only the tools they need to succeed in their biz, but also the confidence necessary to turn their profits up a notch (or a two).

    Financial Literacy and Personal Finances for Small Business Owners

    As an SBO, if you’re operating without a clear distinction between personal and company finances…you’re playing a very dangerous (very costly!) game.


    Blurring the line between the two can lead to decreased profits, less cash, and ultimately, bankruptcy.


    Want to learn how to maximize cash without increasing the effort and time you’ve already invested in your biz? (So you can have more room to focus on your family and non-business oriented goals too.)


    Es posible, y todo comienza con sus estados financieros. ¿Qué dicen realmente los tuyos?


    It’s possible—and it all starts with your financial statements. What do yours really say?
    (If that question makes you start sweating, the Financial Literacy Workshop for SBOs is probably right for you.)

    Know More

    Our Methodology

    Learn how to separate and individually manage your personal and business finances.
    Then learn how to start making more cash without adding any extra tasks to your plate by decoding your financial statements and optimizing what you already have.

    This workshop gives you the tools you need to…

    Create the basic framework/structure for your personal finances as an SBO.

    Design a separate framework for your company’s finances.

    Gain a realistic picture of your company’s performance.

    Reverse engineer your monthly accounting cards.

    Translate them into plain English, and as a result…

    Make better, more informed decisions.

    The Best Move for…

    The millennial small business owner who isn’t a “numbers person” but wants to solidify healthy bank accounts so there are no surprises (or nightmares) down the road.


    Ready to maximize your cash while minimizing your efforts?

    What’s Included

    • Two 2-hour live workshop via Zoom
      Signature video course & implementation workbook
      1:1 Business Strategy Session (30 minutes) post-workshop via Zoom
      Lifetime access to the exclusive Millennial SBOs Community Group